Mcdavid Hinged Knee Brace reviews

Mcdavid knee brace

Mcdavid knee brace

McDavid knee brace is a Hinged knee brace providing the highest level of support, protection and pain relief, extra long sleeve, fits right or left knee
It’s very simple to use and can be used in different fields

McDavid Hinged Knee Brace Pros

  • Reasonable price compared to other knee braces found on internet
  • Ease to use (You can see the video bellow)
  • Can be used as knee support for runners or for windsurfing and other sports
  • You can use it under your Jeans all the day because it’s very comfortable, soft and it does not impede walking
  • Moisture resistant
  • Adjustable hook and loop closures for custom fit and comfort
  • You don’t have to keep adjusting it everytime
  • Adjustable velcro straps
  • Made using the highest quality and most innovative technology and materials(made of Neoprene rubber
  • To last longer Mcdavid Hinged Knee Brace is  built to be two sided nylon construction
  • To avoid pressure on the patella there is a padded horseshoe buttress
  • The brace slides over the leg and has two wide straps for additional support, one above and one below the knee
  • There is a padded hole for your knee cap and it is very comfortable to wear


McDavid Knee Brace Cons

  • You can’t use it if you are susceptible to dermatitis or have an allergy to Neoprene
  • It does get a bit warm
  • Make sure you order the smaller size do not go up
  • It does start to smell after accumulating sweat (normal thing) but the metal hinges can easily removed and put it in the washer.

 Why to buy McDavid Knee Brace ? and who should buy it ?

Finally I would like to say :

  • If you have knee injuries and want to reduct the their  incidence
  • If you exercise a sport that in involves using your knees lot like windsurfing and dry land exercise

This is the right choice and you will not regret purchasing .

McDavid Hinged Knee Brace Video Review

McDavid Hinged Knee Brace Costumer Reviews

The product is reputable and has very good reviews in forums and shopping websites

mcdavid knee brace reviews

By careful buyer Great heavy duty brace for bad knees

When I ordered this product, it only had 5 reviews and was very reasonably priced, so I took a chance. I love it. The brace slides over the leg and has two wide straps for additional support, one above and one below the knee. There is a padded hole for your knee cap and it is very comfortable to wear. It is made with neoprene rubber, like a very soft wetsuit, so it will last and will resist moisture. The hinge works great and doesn’t impede walking and fits under my jeans. I wear mine all day, but remove it at night. It does get a bit warm but all the good ones do to some extent.

I am 6ft 4″, 270 pounds, and was a tile setter for years, so my knees thrashed. I tore my ligaments and this brace is helping greatly.

By seattle sox It works for compression but the hinge is not going to stop a knee from hyperextending.
I got this as a little extra support compared with a neoprene brace with no hinges. This is a good brace for the money but don’t let the hinges fool you. If you have serious knee problems such as acl issues and you’re looking for a brace to stop your knee from hyperextending this may not be for you.

By Charzee AWESOME!
This is a great product. I’ve tried many, this is the best. Well made and sturdy. I expect it to last awhile.

Where to buy McDavid Knee Brace ?

You can buy McDavid Hinged Knee Brace from many big retailers offline or online  like Amazon, best buy, eBay.But which store is the best ? we have done the work for you, we find the best place to buy McDavid Hinged Knee Brace is

Advantages to buying McDavid Knee Brace from

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